Putty Closes After Login

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Putty – Automatically closes on authentication – Stack Overflow


Check Putty setting: Connection > SSH > Remote command. Try to tweak or simply remove the remote command and see if it helps solving the …

Solved: putty keeps closing the moment I login – NetApp …


I have tried logging into the filer view and disabling and enabling the SSH but in vain. This has happened many times but is fine when I try …

Putty keeps closing after login Windows – Whirlpool Forums


In PuTTY, change the setting at the bottom of the main window (Session) to Close Window on Exit – ‘Never’. Then see what the error message is :).

PuTTY closes after login – Super User


It seems as though your .profile file has become corrupted, and is preventing your account from logging in. This will likely require you to …

PuTTY closes after SSH login : r/sysadmin – Reddit

Check what version of PuTTy you are using. Make sure it’s current. Also validate your ciphers are correct. If there’s a mismatch, then there …

Putty SSH immediately closes after password entry – Ubiquiti …


SSH window closes immediately after login. I cannot open a SSH session to the mgmt IP address of my BIG-IP. As soon as I enter the password in the CLI, …

PuTTY – Session Window Closes/Exits – CyberArk Community


After making a PSMP, PSM for SSH, connection using PuTTY as a client, the session window closes, exits, disappears.

Putty keeps closing on me – Discussions & Questions


:smiley: Yesterday, PuTTY was working, today, when I did the login, PuTTY just shuts down without error message. I’m using Windows 10, any help …

How to prevent putty window from closing during ssh – Ezeelogin


Prevent Putty windows from closing during ssh sessions to view the error messages on the server side. By default the putty widows closes …

SSH window closes immediately after login – DevCentral – F5 …


SSH window closes immediately after login. I cannot open a SSH session to the mgmt IP address of my BIG-IP. As soon as I enter the password in the CLI, …

Putty Closes After Login Ssh – Database Di Accesso


ssh connection with putty crashes after login. Hi all,. I’m very slowly starting to set up my NAS server (ReadyNAS 104, OS 6.5.1). I would like …

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